Join us on 1/20/18 at 10 am for the 2nd annual Women’s March. The St. Louis Women’s March of 2017 was not just a march. It began a movement.  It inspired women, from all walks of life,  to harness their political power to create transformative social change in their communities. While our march was only one event, the activism, education and advocacy, it inspires has lasted, and grown, all year. This year’s march celebrates the great strides made in the past year and aims to inspire even more women to pledge to take action to affect change in their lives and the lives of their neighbors, every day.

We are each a product of our environment and experiences. As a result, we each have a unique story, values and beliefs.  While we all strive to increase gender equality and women’s issues across the spectrum, everyone has priorities in which issues matter most to them. This year’s march challenges women of all colors, creeds, ideologies and backgrounds to #March.Act.Vote  in honor of their own truth. There is power in standing with thousands of other women, marching in unison, side-by-side, each honoring their own truth and each others.



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