Join us on 1/19/19 beginning at 10 am for the 3rd annual STL Women’s March.

The St. Louis Women’s March of 2017 was not just a march. It began a movement.  It inspired women, from all walks of life,  to harness their political power to create transformative change in their communities. The 2018 march inspired accidental activists all around the area, and that momentum has continued to build.

In that spirit, this year’s march will give attendees a chance to put their energy into action by pulling together nonprofits from across the region. We, the organizers, want to encourage and inspire even more women to take action; to affect change in their lives and the lives of their neighbors.

The end point for this year’s march will be the STL In Action Fair; a gathering of local  nonprofits and community organizations. These groups will have tables set up, and offer march attendees information on outreach opportunities in the local area. We challenge each and every march participant to commit to continuing the transformative spirit of the day by volunteering with our partner organizations.

If all 15,000 attendees from last year’s march committed one hour of their time, a single group could volunteer 24 hours a day for over two years!


*** The St. Louis Women’s March is its own non-profit entity. We are not affiliated in any way with sister marches in any other city. We receive no funding, guidance, correspondence or resources of any kind from the National Women’s March. We pride ourselves in operating a march that is as unique and diverse as the city we live in.***

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