St. Louis Women’s March has decided to release this official statement on diversity and activism within our planning committee.

The St. Louis Women’s March is an independent Women’s March, not affiliated in any way with any other sister marches. We do not receive any assistance or funding nor do we have any communications with ANY  other March  chapters. The St. Louis Women’s March planning committee  (STLWMPC) is proudly diverse and representative of our whole community, including women of color.

From the very inception, our march was rooted in a focus of diversity and inclusion, our ability to grapple with difficult subjects and our commitment to continually learn how we can better support women of ALL marginalized groups. Our proud team includes women of diverse faiths and spiritualties, including Judaism and Islam, women of color, many ethnic origins and non-cis gendered women. Equally as  important as the demographics that make up this group,  is the breadth of activism and advocacy that our team members engage in to dismantle the systems of oppression for women and men in the local community. The St. Louis planning committee has taken great care to expand upon the Women’s March themes to focus on the issues that affect our local communities and to be as inclusive and intersectional as possible. We do not support ANY group being oppressed, marginalized or discriminated against. Period.

We are dedicated to honoring what connects us and respecting what divides us, as we work towards breaking down those barriers. We will continue to organize a St. Louis march that is inclusive of all women and that aims to expand upon the inspiration of the day by turning that inspiration into action. We hope you will join us, to lead by example, as we march to support ALL women on 1/19/19.


The St. Louis Women’s March is MO registered non-profit with pending 501(c)3 status. All committee members are volunteers and all funds raised go directly to the production of the St. Louis Women’s March.

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