Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please refer to our Facebook page or contact us directly and we would be happy to help.


General Event Questions


How long is the march route?

The actual march is approximately 1 mile.

Will there be T-shirts available for purchase?

Unfortunately, in the interest of time, there will be no t-shirts available for purchase. However, if you would like to have one made, you are welcome to use our logo for that purpose. There are many local businesses that make custom t-shirts, quickly. We hope that you will choose a local small business to meet your needs. We are happy to provide them with the logo, upon request.

Will there be restrooms along the route?

Yes, there will be porta potties located along the route. You can find them on the event map.

Is this march going to be diverse?

Absolutely! Our diverse planning committee has taken steps to ensure that this year’s march is inclusive of ALL women.

I want to participate but I can’t attend. What can I do?

All of our speakers will be live streamed from both stages, throughout the event. You may watch them speak their truths from wherever you may be. The important part of this march is turning the event into action, all year. We encourage all people to honor this event by acting daily to advance the issues for which we women fight, in your own communities. For resources, please go to the end of the FAQ section.

Can I bring signs?

YES! Bring any sign that speaks your truth and helps other women to do the same.

Will there be signs for purchase at the event?

No. There will not be signs available for purchase.

Do I need to RSVP?

No, you do not need to RSVP. All people are welcome at this inclusive event.

Are men allowed at the march?

Absolutely. Although this is a march for the advancement of women’s issues, we welcome anyone, of any gender, who wishes to participate.

Is this a family event?

Yes. This march will be a peaceful expression of democracy. Steps have been taken to ensure that attendees are free from danger.

Will the march continue if it rains?

Absolutely. We will be there marching, come rain or shine. If rain is in the forecast, we recommend that you bring the appropriate attire.

Will there be food / drinks for purchase?

None will be provided by the event organizers. However, downtown St. Louis has many wonderful restaurants. We encourage you to patronize our local business owners.

What should I wear?

We encourage you to dress appropriately for the weather. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking or standing for most of the event.

Can I attend the speeches, if I cannot march?

Absolutely. The location of the two stages will be published on our website and on our FB page. You are welcome to go directly to the stage of your choice. We will have a few chairs present at each stage for our attendees who are not mobile enough to stand or walk. The speeches will also be live-streamed on Facebook.

What should I bring?

We encourage attendees to bring anything you will need to be outside for several hours. Please bring scarves, gloves, hats and any other layers that will keep you comfortable in the face of changing weather. Bring water, snacks or anything else that you need to make the event as enjoyable as possible.

What do we do with our trash?

The city WILL NOT be providing trash clean-up, after our event. Please plan on taking anything you bring in, out with you when you leave.

Can I wear my “Pussy Hat”?

All participants are encouraged to wear the attire that makes them most comfortable in speaking their truth. However, these hats do not represent all women and certainly are not representative of the inclusive spirit of the St. Louis Women’s March.

Can I bring/fly my drone to take pictures?

St. Louis city does not have regulations on drone flight. However, you are encouraged to verify the legality of this with the FAA to ensure compliance with all policies.

Where/when does the event actually start?

The crowd will form on Market Street, in front of Union Station and in the adjacent park. When it is time for the march to start (10 am), march leaders will instruct you to do so.

Can I arrive early?

You are welcome to arrive early for the event but it is not necessary. You may join in the march, at any point along the route.

Will I be able to find my friends?

While we hope you will bring as many friends as possible, we also encourage you to make new friends with someone who doesn’t look like you.

Transportation and Parking Questions

Should I take public transportation to get there?

Public transit would be a great option for the march. Please be advised that MetroLink has scheduled critical maintenance on the day of the march at three stations on the blue line: Shrewsbury, Sunnen and Maplewood. Passengers are encouraged to use the Brentwood Station. Please check with MetroLink and MetroBus to confirm all schedules.

Where do we park?

This area of the city offers many places to park, both free and paid. Be advised that you must pay for metered parking through 7pm on Saturdays. To find the best rates and free places to park, use this site. http://www.downtownstl.org/parking

Where should I tell Uber /  Lyft / Taxi to drop me off?

Since the march will start at Union station, that is a good drop off point for attendees arriving by Uber/Lyft/Taxi.

Accessibility Questions

Can I march in a wheelchair or motorized scooter?

Yes. The march route is on Market Street.

Will there be ADA compliant restrooms?

Yes. Each bank of porta potties will have an ADA compliant porta potty.

Will there be ASL interpreters for the speakers?

Yes. There will be an ASL interpreter at each stage. There will also be a reserved viewing area, close to the stage, to ensure visibility for our attendees who speak ASL as their first language.

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