In 2018 we marched. In 2019 we act.

Welcome to the official page for the St. Louis Women’s March and STL In Action Fair. On this site you will find information about the 2019 event and a links to donate your time and funds. We do not receive and funding or direction from any sister march. We rely solely on you, our local community, to support our record breaking event.

Please join us on January 19, 2019 at 10 am, as we march for gender equality awareness and provide resources for local women to take action to enact change, right here at home.

New this year: The STL In Action Fair.  Change begins from the ground up. As a result, this year our focus will shift. It is not simply enough to march. We need to act, now. This year we will conclude with community leaders sharing their stories of how they turned inspiration into action. After the speeches, we invite you to choose a non-profit partner from our pool of resources and commit to act to help them reach their goals. The organizations represented will provide opportunities for fundraising, volunteering and advocacy to affect change, right here at home. We challenge each attendee to commit to action in the new year!




*** The St. Louis Women’s March is its own non-profit entity. We are not affiliated in any way with sister marches in any other city. We receive no funding, guidance, correspondence or resources of any kind from the National Women’s March. We pride ourselves in operating a march that is as unique and diverse as the city we live in. We rely on you, our local partners, for funding and volunteers. If you can, please help other St. Louis Women by donating to our march. ***

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